UK to be hotter than Mexico this week before sizzling heatwave

UK weather: Brits are set for a scorcher this week as temperatures soar to 26C.

It might *finally* be time to put away that big coat – because it looks like the sunny weather is now here to stay.

After a slightly unpredictable April, May has seen some much warmer temperatures across the UK – and it looks set to get even hotter this week.

Forecasters have predicted that the UK could get even hotter than Mexico in the next few days, with highs of up to 26C expected in parts of the country.

The mercury could then reach up to 26C in Bournemouth this weekend, which is higher than the 24C expected in Marbella, Spain, and in Apizaco, Mexico.

The week will start with highs of 23C in the south, though the north will see slightly cooler temperatures.

Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said: “It’s likely we’ll see those warm and much warmer than average temperatures across the UK.

“Ultra-violet light levels will likely be high.”

And next week looks set to be even hotter, with scorching temperatures expected across the UK.

The Met Office’s three-month outlook has put the probability of hot weather this summer almost double that of normal years.

It has said that there is a “40% chance” the summer “will be significantly hotter than average”, with only a 10% probability of a cooler than normal season.


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