Queen’s platinum jubilee: The rules for BCP Council street parties

WITH the jubilee weekend fast approaching, thousands of people with gather for street parties to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s reign. Anyone wanting to host a street party has had to apply to BCP Council, who has released guidelines and conditions to be met.

Here are all the conditions those hosting street parties must abide by:

  1. There must be a designated event organiser whose name, address and telephone number is supplied to the Council on the street party/event application form. This person will be responsible for all matters including noise, food safety and health and safety.
  2. Authorisation for parties will only be given on unclassified roads and only those roads with little or no through traffic, where there is no previous history of such events causing a nuisance.
  3. The street party must not be publicised to the general public and attendance must not exceed 150 people.
  4. The area can only be closed for the hours agreed. Applications will not be accepted for parties where the finishing time is later than dusk (8pm).
  5. All residents within the affected area must be advised of the closure and any objections declared to the council. Objections will not necessarily mean that a street party cannot go ahead but will be taken into consideration as part of the consent process. Failure to declare a problem may result in consent being withdrawn.
  6. No street party may be held for profit.
  7. The closing of the street will be an acknowledgement that the organisers of the party accept responsibility for all claims arising from the use of the street for the purposes of the party. The event organiser is advised to obtain public liability insurance cover to a minimum value of £5 million and provide copies of the certificate to the council prior to the party taking place. Third party cover can be taken out through Bournemouth Borough Council subject to certain conditions – please speak to the events team for more information on this.
  8. The organiser is responsible for any damage to the highway or street furniture that occurs during the event. Pinning into the street is not allowed and heating appliances must not damage any surfaces.
  9. The street must be closed to all vehicles at each end of the party area by the erection of signage and a conspicuous barrier. If the party is to be held in a cul-de-sac a single closure will be required blocking the entry route.
  10. Standard ‘road closed’ signs must be erected at all road closure points. The signs must be robust, clearly visible and be maintained at all times throughout the closure. Signs can be hired from the council at a cost of £20 per sign (plus a £20 deposit). If signs are to be provided by the council, your application will be assessed, and you will be contacted with details of the process (payment should not be sent before your application has been assessed). All road closure details must be agreed 28 days prior to the event.
  11. If the road closure requires a diversion, the organiser is responsible for the signing of an appropriate diversionary route which must be provided by an appropriately accredited contractor.
  12. Emergency access through the road closure point(s) and the event area must be maintained at all times. For example if chairs and tables are to be set out they should only cover one half of the road to allow emergency access.
  13. No temporary structures (e.g. marquees, gazebos) will be allowed to be erected on the highway as part of the street party.
  14. All barriers, signs and obstructions must be removed on completion of the party and the street left in a clean and safe condition. All litter and refuse must also be removed.
  15. If bunting, streamers or overhead obstructions are erected, they must be erected at a minimum height of 5m. Lamp columns must not have any items attached to them as they are not designed for this purpose.
  16. If your event includes amplified music the event organiser may need to apply for a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).
  17. If an application is subsequently received for a road that is adjacent to the location of another street party, the later application may be rejected if it is deemed that it limits access through an alternative route.
  18. Notice of street parties will be passed on to emergency services and other council departments by the BCP events team and they will be given the opportunity to feedback on the plans which will in turn be passed on to the organisers. Recommendations provided by these authorities must be adhered to by organisers.
  19. Bonfires will not be allowed in the street under any circumstances and fireworks may only be let off in private residences.
  20. The council cannot provide equipment and/or services (other than road closure signs) and these must be arranged entirely by the organisers.
  21. All disclosures must be accurate and failure to reveal any relevant information may affect the legality of the event and present subsequent liability issues.


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