Driver parked over two spaces to save one for friend who was coming later

Plenty of people in Bournemouth were infuriated by the sight of this driver straddling across two bays to save one for his friend over the weekend.

‘Lots of people were arguing with them about saving the space but they didn’t care.’

Ryan Mortimer, who took a picture of the car, said ‘lots of people’ were coming up to argue with the driver and his group.

He also claims the driver stayed in this position for more than two hours, despite causing so much frustration.

Ryan explained that despite notifying authorities about the issue near Boscombe Pier, no action was taken to resolve the problem.

It comes as the summer holiday season is well underway, which means the county is set to see an influx of tourists visit some of our most popular beaches.

As a result, many tourists and residents are forced to scramble for parking spaces by the beach.

It was over two hours in the end until their friend arrived.

Venting his frustration on social media, Ryan said the driver was ‘reserving a space’ when he saw them park over two parking spaces.

In his post, Ryan wrote: ‘Car parked on Boscombe Undercliffe Drive like this for over an hour.

‘”We are reserving a space”, that’s the response I got. Parking guys informed but no action taken.’

He added that the drivers were seemingly apathetic about the situation. 


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